Wednesday, 15 February 2017

What IF Your root canal is re-infected??

The scope of peri apical management  has been extended .
This procedure aims at root end infections.
The peri-apical surgery is one type of management of lesions that mainly deals with the lesions that present over the root end which is severe and is highly infectious.
This kind of surgery is the last hope in preserving the tooth.
The peri apical or root end surgery is needed when the infection has  not been removed and it exist as persisting lesion.

This surgery involves certain steps such as

  • - Anesthesia provided by your Dentist
  • -Root canal treatment completed by your Dentist followed by periapical surgery.
  • -Elevation of soft tissue present over the lesion to expose the bone
  • -Removal of outer bone that is present over the lesion(osteotomy)
  • -Then next to the root exposure removal of the lesion should be done by using instruments such as curetts(curettage)
  • -The infected root end should be removed .
  • -Retrograde/reverse filling materials should be placed
  • -Bone graft materials has been placed to induce the adequate bone growth.
  • -Your Dentist will give some Sutures  to hold the soft tissues in place.
  • -During the checkup visits Your Dentist will verify adequate healing.

Pre-operative  infected left central incisor
X-ray image showing periapical lesion
 in the left central incisor

                               Root canal procedure completed followed by periapical surgery
Removal of periapical lesion during the procedure

Placement of bone graft
to enhance the bone growth 
 Suture placement after  the procedure

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