Monday, 20 March 2017

Make a HEALTHY SUMMER VACATION for your children

The cool climate went on and the shooting summer season came.
The seasonal variations are seen to be associated with changes in food styles and addiction of detrimental habits.
These changes should not compensate the general as well as oral hygiene.

Thinking of summer season brings our thoughts to craving of chillness.
For children the summer season became the vacation month ,they are free to have all sorts of  chilled drinks ,ice -creams,sweets or candies. summer season results in dehydration in our body so to compensate the loss of water  the intake should be must .But the forms of intake is mandatory to have in a healthier way
As a parent the role  came to play to make sure the children hygienic status under supervision.


The intake of the ice creams increases during these summer .We should know that these are completely made of soluble sugars .The sugars in turn have a detrimental effect over the dentition.
The bad bacterial breeding has been increased results in decay of the healthy teeth.
So the alternate should be tried in a better way by giving chilled yogurt like healthier one .


The children tend to have more number of chilled sweets ,candies more than  the normal during these days.
An alternate should be made for these .So the fresh fruits should be added to their snack as a healthy one .
The natural fruits contain less number of sugar with more number of benefits.
The fruits may be in any form can be given.


The children tend to have candies because of their longer stay in the mouth.These kind of candies not only increase bad bacterial growth and also prevent our body defense to act against decay.
So the  candies should be avoided as much as possible.
Dried grapes ,nuts can be given to prevent the candies intake.Intake of honey is also advisable.


The Sports drinks are also rich in soluble sugars so the natural fruit juices can be given.
The citrus fruit juices namely  lemon,orange etc.,can be give to enhance the normal water level in the body.

The changes in intake of these foods and drinks will result in loss of tooth structure due to eating away of the enamel and extension of the cavity sufficient to cause the adequate dental visits to your Dentist should be made for maintenance. Frequent dental visits for cleaning should be made for oral hygiene maintenance.

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Thursday, 16 March 2017


In the conventional technique there are certain conditions needs surgical management.
While dealing with these procedures the technique requires  usage of instruments/ blades for tissue separation which results in bleeding in  surgical site and the time for the wound healing  also increases.
The modern approaches came for increasing the convenience of the procedure.

A  LASER is an innovative tool in modern Dentistry.
It deals with the light amplification by the  stimulated emission of radiation.
Miaman was the person who made the LASER usage in various soft and hard tissue applications.

Questions may arise regarding in which way the LASER provides benefit  during the treatment .
The following discussion will clear all your doubts.

The LASER is  a light having single wavelength and is of many types based on the medium they work such as

  • Carbon-dioxide,
  • diode,
  • NDYAG ,
  • erbium.

The laser application varies  according to the tissue types,namely Hard  and Soft tissues.

How this kind of LASER works ??
For the LASER to carry out the procedure it requires an energy source, highly refractive optical mirrors and  a lasing medium.
When the light is activated it is delivered into the target tissue using fiber-optic cable.

Coming to the applications of LASER

The LASER helps in following areas:

  • Efficient wound healing,
  • Esthetic Gum recontouring,
  • Removal of soft tissue present over the impacted tooth.
  • In the management of cancerous tissues.
  • Crown lengthening procedures
  • Management of ulcers
  • Removal of overgrown soft tissues
  • Enhancing the attachment of gums
  • Not only in soft tissues and also in Hard tissues-dentinal hypersensitivity,dealing with cavities and its management,bleaching etc

The advantages of LASER usage  relies in

  • Decreased tissue damage ,
  • Enhanced healing,
  • Reduced bleeding during the procedure,
  • Allows adequate regeneration of tissues,
  • Having a safety control.

For example one  boy came to our hospital having a compliant of small swelling in his mouth due to repeated irritation .We came to diagnose his present condition and treatment option has been decided for  removal by the use of LASER tool.

swelling in  the lower lip
After the  procedure

Not only in these procedures, the LASER usage has been increased to various management

One more clinical example A 25 yrs young male came to the hospital with pain and gum lesion in the mouth.On examination revealed the abscess in the mouth.Treatment was planned to remove the lesion as well as to enhance the gum strength LASER was used

Lesion seen between two teeth-Preoperative
After the treatment-Post operative view

The LASER device also used in certain procedures such as lip repositioning as a preventive measure.
Abnormal Lip attachment 
After the relief of abnormanl attachment

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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Having lost your precious tooth?

Coming to the trend of replacement regarding single missing tooth the adventure of Dr.Branemark plays a major role -Dental Implants
Dental implant
Most of the people know that the dental implants are the bone like material placed to replace the  missing teeth.
The Dental implants are the artificial titanium post material that gets fuses into the bone after completion of the initial phase of the surgery.
Before going to the implant surgery the time acts as a restraint .
Because the range of bone resorption occurs faster and the adjacent natural teeth starts migrating to occupy the existing space .Hence the treatment options also varies depending on the existing condition of your dentition while you are reporting to Dentist.

The Dentist examines your Bone quality and quantity your systemic health and its impact.

One Friend came to our Dental hospital with discomfort due to loss of tooth and chewing difficulty.Examinations carried out for replacing using Dental implants.
Having missing back teeth
Before initiating the implant surgery OPG should be advised for assessing the bone quality.                
Bone mapping procedure has been carried by your Dentist for implant placement in the jaw bone.       
The initial implant surgery has been carried out by just making the implant placing area to get numb.
Then the implant has been placed in desired position to receive a crown.
A certain period of healing should be advised to enhance the bone implant fusion along with diet modifications.

clinical view 

X-ray view

After sufficient healing time the permanent crown has been cemented.

After placing the permanent crown

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Thursday, 2 March 2017

periapical surgery phase II

In this part of our discussion we  let you know about the procedures that has been carried out during and after the surgical management.

  • The Root canal and peri-apical surgical management aids in complete elimination of infection.
  • After the surgical phase its time for the tissues to undergo  healing process
  • The addition of graft materials aids in healing of surgical site.
  • The sutures that has been placed over soft tissues has been removed on the next review visit
  • The stage of tooth preparation for receiving the metal ceramic crown has been carried out .
  • Further the crowns has been checked and luting phase  done for permanent cementation.

after suture removal

crown preparation

After crown fixing

Review on regenerative surgery to be continued in Phase III

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