Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Having lost your precious tooth?

Coming to the trend of replacement regarding single missing tooth the adventure of Dr.Branemark plays a major role -Dental Implants
Dental implant
Most of the people know that the dental implants are the bone like material placed to replace the  missing teeth.
The Dental implants are the artificial titanium post material that gets fuses into the bone after completion of the initial phase of the surgery.
Before going to the implant surgery the time acts as a restraint .
Because the range of bone resorption occurs faster and the adjacent natural teeth starts migrating to occupy the existing space .Hence the treatment options also varies depending on the existing condition of your dentition while you are reporting to Dentist.

The Dentist examines your Bone quality and quantity your systemic health and its impact.

One Friend came to our Dental hospital with discomfort due to loss of tooth and chewing difficulty.Examinations carried out for replacing using Dental implants.
Having missing back teeth
Before initiating the implant surgery OPG should be advised for assessing the bone quality.                
Bone mapping procedure has been carried by your Dentist for implant placement in the jaw bone.       
The initial implant surgery has been carried out by just making the implant placing area to get numb.
Then the implant has been placed in desired position to receive a crown.
A certain period of healing should be advised to enhance the bone implant fusion along with diet modifications.

clinical view 

X-ray view

After sufficient healing time the permanent crown has been cemented.

After placing the permanent crown

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