Monday, 20 March 2017

Make a HEALTHY SUMMER VACATION for your children

The cool climate went on and the shooting summer season came.
The seasonal variations are seen to be associated with changes in food styles and addiction of detrimental habits.
These changes should not compensate the general as well as oral hygiene.

Thinking of summer season brings our thoughts to craving of chillness.
For children the summer season became the vacation month ,they are free to have all sorts of  chilled drinks ,ice -creams,sweets or candies. summer season results in dehydration in our body so to compensate the loss of water  the intake should be must .But the forms of intake is mandatory to have in a healthier way
As a parent the role  came to play to make sure the children hygienic status under supervision.


The intake of the ice creams increases during these summer .We should know that these are completely made of soluble sugars .The sugars in turn have a detrimental effect over the dentition.
The bad bacterial breeding has been increased results in decay of the healthy teeth.
So the alternate should be tried in a better way by giving chilled yogurt like healthier one .


The children tend to have more number of chilled sweets ,candies more than  the normal during these days.
An alternate should be made for these .So the fresh fruits should be added to their snack as a healthy one .
The natural fruits contain less number of sugar with more number of benefits.
The fruits may be in any form can be given.


The children tend to have candies because of their longer stay in the mouth.These kind of candies not only increase bad bacterial growth and also prevent our body defense to act against decay.
So the  candies should be avoided as much as possible.
Dried grapes ,nuts can be given to prevent the candies intake.Intake of honey is also advisable.


The Sports drinks are also rich in soluble sugars so the natural fruit juices can be given.
The citrus fruit juices namely  lemon,orange etc.,can be give to enhance the normal water level in the body.

The changes in intake of these foods and drinks will result in loss of tooth structure due to eating away of the enamel and extension of the cavity sufficient to cause the adequate dental visits to your Dentist should be made for maintenance. Frequent dental visits for cleaning should be made for oral hygiene maintenance.

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