Monday, 29 May 2017

Is missing tooth a real problem???

Most of the people know that the missing teeth will lead to inability to chew efficiently.
The problem not only stops over there it has a generalized effect all over the body.This blog explains the link between the missing teeth and digestion.

In general the Digestive system starts from the mouth and it ends with large intestine.

Digestive system
Thus mouth acts as an initiator of your food digestion.

In healthy diet the quantity of the fibrous food increases and maintains the  nutritional status by the presence of teeth which helps to chew fresh fruits ,green vegetables source of high fiber diet.

Foods with high fiber:
High fiber          
The foods that are rich in fibers are seen mostly in vegetables and grains .
Further the  missing teeth will make a change in food intake from high fiber diet to  low fiber diet .

The consequence of the low fiber diet mainly  includes:

                                                                       Gastric distension
                   ( retained stool discharge)                      ↑                   Unsatisfactory diet
                                                             ↖                                        ↗
                       ↑Blood sugar level
                                     (Diabetes)   ←     LOW FIBER DIET         → ↑ Bad cholesterol
                                                             ↙                                        ↘
                                     Diverticulosis                                            Frequent nausea
                               (infection of intestine)               ↓                    
                                                                         Easy fatigue

       To prevent the above outcomes the teeth that has been lost has to be replaced.
       Replacement can be done by Dental implants. 
       One of the patient came to our clinic with  loss of molar which is important for chewing   .
       Dental implants are placed to restore the functional teeth.

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