Wednesday, 28 June 2017

What happens if you want to retain your WISDOM teeth???

This blog deals with one of the possible thing that may occur due to the wisdom teeth and its importance in removal.

We all know that there are 32 teeth in our mouth .
The last tooth to come out is called Wisdom tooth or third molars  erupts  at 17-21 yrs  of age.
The wisdom teeth in general it may get impacted due to bone or soft tissues that hinder in their pathway.

One of our patient came to clinic with pain in her teeth .

On examination it has been revealed that the pain was due to the decay involving the vital structures of second molar and the decay was due to  the adjacent wisdom tooth.

Decay involving second molar with impacted third molar 

                                                         Treatment plan:
                                                              ↙                         ↘
            -Root canal treatment for                                                    -Surgical removal of
             second molar with crown .                                                   the third molar
The below x-ray shows particularly the right second molar after the root canal treatment and the abnormal position of the third molar (both right and left )

Position of the wisdom teeth

The abnormal positioning of the third molars tend to lodge the food debris inside may cause gum infection or tooth decay.

Root canal treatment has been carried out along with surgical removal of third molar

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