Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Healthy gums and healthy life by LASER

GUMS also called as gingiva helps in teeth attachmement

What is an healthy GINGIVA\GUMS???
Healthy gingiva is a part of our mouth attaches  at the neck of the teeth.
The gums that are healthy prevents underlying bone loss by any local factors .
Healthy gums appear coral pink in color which is firm and resilient apppears similar to orange peeled one .

What kind of factors can affect the GINGIVAL health??

The factors varies and includes many reasons:

                                  Food deposits                                 Habits like smoking,alcohol.

                   Foreign objects               GUM DISEASE                     Aging

                               Systemic infections                           Other medications,hormones

Here is clinical condition of one of our patient who complains of gum disease .
The reason behind is not only food deposits and also inner part of lower lip attachment which is attached in a higher position then the normal.

Immediate result after Laser disinfection  and soft tissue repositioning procedure:

In order to maintain the healthy gums ,it should be free from irritant factors .
So adequate removal of plaque and food debris should be carried out.
Dental flossing should be done daily.
The reason for gum diseases varies and the treatment also changes according to the condition.

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