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I'M MISSING A BACK TOOTH.DO I NEED TO REPLACE IT????                                                     

A single lost/damaged tooth can influence your daily life. Even though it may be at the back of the mouth and not visible from outside,overtime it can start affecting the appearance,self-esteem ,oral health and even health in general.One our patient came with a MISSING BACK TOOTH for several days and he is in a need to replace the tooth by fixed option. 


   Lose of a tooth disturbs interplay between teeth and bone. 
Drifting of adjacent teeth into space
Jaw bone starts shrinking and gums pull back.                                                      🔽                                                 🔽                                              weakens adjacent teeth                    teeth in opposite                                                                         
 until they collapse.             jaw start growing at the gap.

After the assessment of adequate bone quality and bone      quantity,we advised the patient with DENTAL IMPLANTS and a single implant is placed on the    region where the tooth was lost.

 A single tooth dental implant will look,work and feel like the natural tooth.   


The crown was given on the third day to allow normal chewing and food intake. The gums will heal around the crown and will look like the natural teeth.       
                                                                        SIDE VIEW

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