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Laser is safe for all patients to undergo dental procedures,even during pregnancy. It is more important to keep your oral health in check during pregnancy because of the higher risk of developing decay and gum disease.

What happens to your teeth during pregnancy??

Due to hormonal imbalances most of pregnant women suffer from gum disease.     In mildest form it is characterized by swollen and bleeding gums.If untreated it may damage the supporting structures of the tooth which is the periodontal disease. This may lead to receding gums,tooth loss,jaw bone weakness and many other irreversible changes.

The bacteria that develops during periodontal disease may have harmful effects on developing fetus.It easily gets into the bloodstream and fluids related to labor progression resulting in preterm birth. 


In laser therapy,the inflamed gum tissue around the tooth is removed. We can clean under the edge of the gum line to remove excess bacteria and plaque. Our gentle laser cleaning can also reach the roots to remove bacteria and damaged tissues that cause periodontal disease. It also prevents bacteria from travelling to other parts of the body. The area between the gum and teeth regenerate during the healing process. Pregnancy tumor is also commonly seen. In case of discomfort it can be easily removed with laser. Laser helps the best to maintain your oral health during pregnancy.

A 27 year old female patient reported to our clinic with a complaint of bleeding gums and gum swelling in lower front tooth region. We had done LASER for her and the images are shown below




                             HEALING ON THIRD DAY


➤Laser treatment are completely safe during pregnancy. We don't use any tools       that would harm you or your baby.

➤It helps you and your baby to stay in better health.

➤More precise and accurate        

➤No incision

➤Minimal pain

➤No need for suture and surgical packing

➤Minimized bleeding and more  haemostasis

➤Preserve the adjacent soft tissues

➤Improved visualization for the operator

➤Reduce anxiety in patients uncomfortable with dental airotor sound

➤Reduced post operative swelling and pain

➤Quick recovery and post operative healing

➤Maximum oral health in a minimally invasive fashion

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