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A Root canal treatment is an invasive treatment which involves the extraction of root nerves from an infected tooth. The cavity is then cleaned and shaped before being filled with a rubber- like medicated filling. In most cases root canal treatments are done for the back teeth and are required due to deep decay. The purpose of this treatment is to save and remove any pain caused by the tooth.

Following this treatment there is no longer a nerve to supply nutrients to the teeth. As a result the tooth structure weakens, becoming more brittle and prone to fractures or cracks. 

The posterior teeth such as the premolar and molars in particular are often prone to cracking after a root canal treatment due to their frequent use in chewing and grinding of food. While root canal treatments are able to save the tooth itself, everyday use can often cause further damage to its structure. Hence, dental crowns are extremely important in these cases. 

A Crown is a the tooth shaped cover placed on top of the teeth. They act as a protective shield, preventing further cracks or damage to the tooth, while also alleviating any pressure on the tooth. 

Dental crowns

So if you have done a root canal treatment and are thinking of getting a crown, it is best to do it sooner rather than later to protect your tooth from any further damage.

Is capping  necessary after RCT ?????

                               Yescapping is compulsory after RCT. Without capping The tooth might fracture or get re-infection due to micro leakage.

Fractured tooth

Cracked tooth


what could happen if i choose not to have a dental crown???

      It will be:             
  • Weakened teeth
  • Cracked or broken teeth
  • Detached filling

A crown often provides a more secure restoration than a regular filling in that it surrounds tooth to create a "splint" around it. This helps to prevent fracture of the areas of the tooth weakened by decay, extensive fillings or cusp fracture. Also, a crown is often essential to preserve a tooth following root canal treatment. The crown can also prevent a fracture of the tooth which may result in the tooth being non-restorable (not fixable).

Dental crowns

There are times if you do not plan to have a crown, then extraction may have to be considered. This is because of an extensive filling will fail,weakened tooth, fracture or cracked teeth, root canal treatment (if done) will fail and ultimately the tooth will be lost.


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